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Here we introduce our “stars” to you:






PEPS ( Peps Doc Doll )

Date of birth: 20-05-1997. Breed: American Quarter horse.

Peps is Jan’s horse and because of that always walks in front during the trails.
This position of leader is very appealing to Peps and the other horses respect this.
Jan and Peps make a very good team, a combination who are willing to work hard for each other.







JOKI ( Red Midnight Joker )

Date of birth: 1-04-1997. Breed: Quarab

Joki is Sasha’s horse.

She has riden some pleasure competitions. She is a very honest horse but  wants to be treated fair and if thats the case will do anything for you.

She is a little speed devil but also very good.  


SPOOKY    (Twisted Classy Doc)


SPOOKY ( Twisted Classy Doc)

Date of birth: 08-03-1997. Breed: American paint horse.

Spooky is the star of the ranch, very photogenic. 
A horse with a lot of ability who likes to drive cattle and has cow sense.

We take care of Spooky since his owner Lisette Keidel sadly died.






Date of birth:30-03-1999.Breed: Lusitano

Dusty is horse with al lot of potential and is very good at trail riding. In the lessons Dusty can act like a scared rabbit and can scare the live out of the riders. Dusty finds this very funny. Dusty is a well loved horse who likes to work and is great friends with Peps.   



BLUES   ( Pebbles Blue Y Jeany )


BLUES ( Pebbles Blue Y Jeany )

Date of birth: 26-04-1998. Breed: Quarab.

Blues is Yoki’s full sister. 
A very headstrong mare, very powerful and brave.
A horse that loves to work but who demands clear and strict directions from her rider.

Blues is a bit of a loner but does her work very well.  





Date of birth: somewhere in the year 2000. Breed: Dutch Pinto.

A very sweet, dependable and brave mare and very well suited for riding trails.
Rose always wants to work and is very dependable.
She wants to stay close to Jan and Peps and usually rides second during the trails. 

GUESS  ( Guess What)


GUESS ( Guess What)

Date of birth: somewhere in the year 2003. Breed: crossbred Criollo X Appaloosa.

Guess arrived on the Trail Ranch when she was just 3 years old and nobody really knew where she came from, hence the name.
She turned out to be a very sweet, dependable mare that was with foal.
She gave birth to a lovely little stallion foal who later sadly died of a ruptured pulmonary artery.


STAR  ( WFR Pinos Pac )


STAR ( WFR Pinos Pac )

Date of birth: 06-05-2001. Breed: American Paint Horse.

Star came to the Trail Ranch in June 2009 and fitted in really well with our group of mares. She very suitable for the trails and lessons due to her calm and steady nature. 



Peppy en Amando 



Date of Birth: somewhere in the year 1993. Breed: common pony with attitude.

Peppy is the brat of the pack who can do everything regarding western riding.
Conviction is the keyword with regards to Peppy because if you don’t he’ll act deaf and dumb.
He’s very well natured and dependable. 





BANDIT (formerly known as Tinus )

Date of birth: 05-01-2007 Breed: Criollo

A young gelding who can be very naughty.
He likes to tease the other horses but luckily they tolerate this.
He came to us in February 2009 and was a small and very lean horse but has turned out nicely. He’s been riding the trails for a year. 





SUNDANCE ( formerly known as Maartje )

Date of birth: 01-09-2007. Breed: Criollo

A beautiful grey Criollo mare who came together with Bandit to the ranch in February 2009.

She is very dependable and has developed in a reliable ranch horse. 















Date of Birth:                   Breed: Criollo

The mother of Sundance and a fantastic sweet mare.
She is very suitable for
the trails and has a very reliable nature.



                                                     Peps en Dusty          Peps en Dusty          




Tinus en Spooky




It’s always nice to see our stars “horsing” around with each other. They are a fantastic group of horses to live and work with and a complete joy to us.




















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