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      Regulations or in other words the  "house rules" of the Ranch:

       Maximum weight of the rider: 90 kg

       Minimum age for partaking in the trails: 18 years

       It is absolutely not allowed to feed our horses by hand (no sugar cubes, not horse candy etc.).                  

      This to prevent the horses to beg or bite!

      4. Our guide will select the horses for the guests to ride.

      1. Spurs and whips can be left at home.

      2. Clothing advice: Denim jeans of Jodhpurs (with a high percentage of cotton), your stretch riding pants will

      cause unwanted frictional heath.

      7. Rubber boots are prohibited; they cause damage to the saddles.

      1. Riding experience is a must! (Control of walk, jog, trot, lope and gallop) make no mistake you’re not

       riding on automatic horses!
       A good condition is a must because you’ll be riding 5 hours per day!


      1. The following has been introduced for the protection of our saddles;

       When it is raining you’re only allowed to use long rain gear when riding.

       Riding with a poncho is prohibited due to the noise and sensitivity to wind!

       In the shop we offer Stockman-oilskin coats against reasonable prices. You can pre- order or  

       sent to you or receive it at the Ranch (free of postal duty.)


      1. There are a few Stockman-Oilskin coats on the Ranch for lease.
         Cost: € 10,-- per guest/coat during the complete period of your stay.

        11. All inclusive:
        As most of the arrangements offered  by The Trail Ranch are for several days they are "all inclusive" except the day trail.  

        This means that the guests are offered meals and if included warm drinks: coffee, tea, cup of soup.

      Light alcoholic refreshments: beer, light beer, dark beer, Radler  (beer with lemon) etc.
      Soft drinks: Coke, Orange drink, Ice tea, orange juice, apple juice, alcohol free beer etc.

      Wines: white, red, rosé.
      All of the above is included in the arrangement from the moment you wake up till 22.00 hours (10 pm). After this time (22.00 hours) you are required to use a drinks card on which you keep tabs yourself. You can pay at the end of the evening or on the last day of your stay.

      Staff, help, horse riding students and visitors will note everything on the drinks card,

      The drinks card is available in the canteen.

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