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Our nature

National Park “Het Drents-Friese Wold” with its lovely forestry and beautiful woods, heathland, sand drifts and great walking paths, bike tracks and bridle paths with an ever changing scenery where everyone can enjoy it in their own way.    



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Koeien Weideland zandverstuiving
Bijna Nacht Nacht Ven



The national forestry commission is doing a great job with the upkeep and expansion of the bridle paths, redesigning the forest, heathland etc.

The upkeep and maintenance of the beautiful and authentic Drentse farms and estates is being done by several authorities whose daily job is to promote the beautiful province of Drenthe.


In cooperation with a booking agency the Trail Ranch has been able to show many guest from all over the world (The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Norway and Austria) our beautiful national park  “Het Drents Friese Wold”in our lovely province Drenthe.  


Meneer Jan Klaster


Jan Klaster will inform you extensively about the origin of the terrain and he can often tell you interesting and fascinating facts and the intended plans they have for the terrain.

He will also keep returning guests up to date with the progress.

A fully-fledged nature guide!




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